Tuesday, February 18, 2020

 Current situation- 

All winter the water temperatures refuse to leave the 70F degree mark for long. 

In January a good "knot" of GiantTarpon staged in a few key areas. A good shot of cold air came and the fish left. Last week they returned and as of this writing, they remain.

This scenario is not all that much different than 2019 when we were catching the adult migratory tarpon around Valentine's Day.

Cool fronts continue to pass about a week apart. From here, the fish will continue to drop out during the cooler days and return on the warmer days. Temperature is just one element  of the tarpon coming to the shoreline. The ratio of light to dark is the other. We're gaining longer days now and are just weeks from the vernal equinox (spring).

Spring breakers can expect legitimate shots at the giants throughout March short of any late blasts of cool air. In periods following a passing front there are plenty of active juvenile tarpon around right now that serve as a contingency plan when the giants are not. The fish range from 20 to 50 lbs and we fish them on light 10lb spinning tackle. Livebait is obtainable right now and they prove to be staple to the success with smaller tarpon.
There are plenty of snook around right now, scattered reds and trout are mixed in with them. An attempt to fish the flats last week for tarpon were not successful. I was doing better in January with the tarpon on the flats. For the time being now on the grass---plenty of decent sized sharks and a chance for a GiantTarpon.Overall, not bad for the last full month of winter.

Easter falls near mid month in April. Accompanied with spring break just ahead, the book is very busy. Do I think the GiantTarpon will be available between now and Easter break? I do. They're already here!

Screaming drags and tired arms!

Robert McCue