Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Bite Of The Century Tarpon Fishing Florida- New Update September 30, 2018

 Tarpon Fishing Florida World Headquarters

The GiantTarpon "bite of the century" has been undergoing since the 3rd week of June.

While political special interest groups were busy feeding the world media with negativity regarding water quality issues at the shoreline, long time tarpon guides have been busy taking advantage of the concentrations of fish and bait.

In 32 years of full time and continuous years of guiding, I would can not recall a tarpon bite (fish of both size and numbers) like that of the past 3 months and is still going.

The autumn equinox passed on 22SEP18. We're now losing 2 minutes of daylight per day. That light to dark ratio fires off a biological time clock of the fish ( aka "circadian rhythm"). A long story short, the fish are now gorging to store body fat in preparation for migration.

This is when to fish tarpon and all of our fish

Our waters are clean and we will forever host some of the best fishing in the United States!


People are already on the move trying to get the the best moon phases and tides for next year. In 2016 we changed our policy of not allowing bookings for the following year until Thanksgiving. Today, the book is open all year. Now is the time to get those dates for the best tarpon fishing in Florida.

I've got a ton of images taken over the last few weeks. They're very impressive and I want to share as many as I can without causing a slow download. I'll edit this blog this week and post where you can find them together with public access. For now, enjoy these GiantTarpon images. We'll put theses fish up against anyone's 2018 tarpon catches on the Internet.

Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

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